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Since the first big big promo awards I did got over 100+ notes and was very successful (a lot of people told me they gained a lot of followers) I decided to do another one, especially since I’ll be very busy the next 2 weeks
Summer Camp Promo i’m teaching at an architecture camp for the next two weeks **hence the beautiful image**
mbf carving-trees
reblogs only, likes won’t count
x screenies, x descriptive link promos, x solos, x lists, everyone will be promoed! + i check out every blog
posting in two weeks before i fly back home, so around the 27th
*art source*

POSTING in a little bit, last chance~

Carly Brown Photography

{new theme} promo


I just changed my theme bc I wanted something different and it’s the first time in a long time that I use something other than my own themes, so I’m really happy with it. Do you like it?

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Le phare de la Baleine - Ile de Ré (by Oediperoi)
Light, one so beautiful phenomenon, can be broken into so many spectrum's. This is where and how I interpret my view of a spectrum of light :) BG : fcf3d5 BT: 9b79c4 TITLE:68bdac